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The Importance of Energy Efficiency

The embedded video below shows some of the importance of becoming more energy efficient.


Energy Efficient Appliances

BuyEnergyEfficient.org sells energy efficient appliances. The benefits of buying these are that you will have a lower electric bill if you use them, of course, because you will be using less electricity to do the same job.

R3800 3.5 cu. ft. (100 liters) Refridgerator


Buying Energy Efficient Appliances

Consumerenergycenter.org has a section on energy efficient appliances. They give tips on buying dishwashers, microwaves, stoves, and other appliances.


25 Tips to Conserve Energy

Here are 25 tips to conserve energy. They can help you save tons of money on energy bills.


Designing your home to be energy efficient

This government site has a guide to designing your home to be energy efficient.


Caring for Energy Efficient Laundry Machines

In my last post I pointed to a great collection of reviews that focused on energy efficent washing machines.  One of the problems with going that route is that such machines can be hard to maintain.

Here’s an excellent discussion of the issues surrounding the cleaning and mainentence of highly efficient laundry machines.  It focuses on problems like buildup of mold and bad odors.

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Washing Machine Reviews

Here’s an excellent overview of many of the various laundry machines currently on the market.

I like this artile because it gives prominent attention to the energy efficency of the models.

You can even live green while washing your clothes!

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