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Leaks in Bathrooms

We’ve been having a mysterious problem where our upstairs bathroom suddenly fills with a half inch of water.  For a while, it was happening every few weeks.

We usually only notice because  we spot it leaking through the floor down the wall to the bathroom underneath it, downstairs.  As you can imagine, we don’t enjoy the clean up job!

After multiple consultations with plumbers, handymen and roofers, we’re stumped!  It doesn’t seem to be related to a leaky faucet or toilet, there’s no problem with the grouting, the roof seems to be fine.  We’re really baffled!  We’ve just about concluded that a poltergeist much be to blame!

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Meanwhile, here’s a useful list of steps to take while checking for bathroom leaks.  (Unfortunately, nothing on the list helped us!)

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