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Asian-Inspired Kitchen Cabinets

Greentea Design has some plans for renovating your kitchen cabinets. The designs are Asian. It is meant for renovating the entire kitchen, but has prices for individual cabinets.

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Laminating Flooring

If you want laminate flooring, LaminateFloorsCheap.com has sales on certain types of floors. They can cut the price in half for you, which is a great benefit.

This is an example of Michigan Pine wood.


25 Tips to Conserve Energy

Here are 25 tips to conserve energy. They can help you save tons of money on energy bills.


Designs for Master Bedrooms

Zimbio.com has suggestions for your bedroom design. For example:

Bedroom by Allison Newhouse.

This is a sample of a bed with a  matching wall color and statue.

This room’s colors make it look like it’s actually bigger than it is.


Appliance Parts

If you have a kitchen appliance that needs repairs, repairclinic.com can replace a part for you. You will need to have a model number on the appliance, and if you have that it will be simple to get a repair.


Valley Pools and Hot Tubs

Valley Pools and Hot Tubs will help you buy a pool (or hot tub) as quickly and simply as possible.

All you need is a big enough property for the pool, and it will be simple.


Monticello Granite

Monticello Granite sells granite countertops for your home. It also sells countertops for offices in hi-rise buildings.


Bathroom Designs

Better Homes and Gardens has a few designs for bathrooms. They can help you with planning, installation, and bathroom storage.


Cardell Cabinetry

Cardell Cabinetry sells cabinet designs. It can give you ideas for cabinets.Roomy drawers


Designing your home to be energy efficient

This government site has a guide to designing your home to be energy efficient.


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