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Laminating Flooring

If you want laminate flooring, LaminateFloorsCheap.com has sales on certain types of floors. They can cut the price in half for you, which is a great benefit.

This is an example of Michigan Pine wood.


Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is an alternative type of floors.You can find manufacturers and suppliers of bamboo floors at the Bamboo Flooring Directory.



I’ve found a website that talks about floors. It gives good information on different types of flooring such as hardwood, cork, ceramic tile and vinyl.

Check it out…


White Cabinets are Less Expensive, Yet They Can Create a Chic Look

I want to point out this photo by Richard Perry of the New York Times.  It’s from an article about the renovation on the top floor of a townhouse in Harlem.  Don’t let it scare you that the renovation in the photo cost oodles of money (he renovated the whole flat, plus the outdoor area). 

My point in showing you this photo is how exquisite white cabinets can look.  Yet they can be the least expensive to buy.  You can take ideas like this and use part of them in your renovation projects.  What I like in the design below is the simplicity of it – it’s very elegant! 

Even a person on a budget could pull off a simple, chic look.  Take white…  add one other color for the floor and backsplash (and possibly the countertop) – in the photo the other color is brown…  and you have a timeless look.  No matter how styles change, the kitchen in the photo below won’t look outdated.


An Excellent Discussion About Cork Flooring

Recently, we talked about the Pros and Cons of Cork Floors.

I just came across a fantastic discussion of the topic, Popping the cork – Getting to Know Cork Flooring, with an emphasis on the environmental benifits of going that route.

Check it out and be sure to read the interesting comments.

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Pros and Cons of Cork Floors

If you’ve ever considered installing a cork floor, here’s a guide to the pluses and minuses.

There’s an interesting discussion in the comment thread as well.

I personally strongly considered getting a cork floor in my kitchen when I was renovating.  The reason was that I have a bad neck and wanted a floor that would be forgiving on my back.  In the end I decided against cork flooring because my family is too rough.  My husband is not dainty in the least bit and neither is my teenage son.  They’re both big guys.  Plus I have a seven year old daughter.  I think they would have torn up the floor within a year by moving the chairs back and forth at mealtime.

My friend’s retired mother has a cork floor in her kitchen and she loves it.  (She also has a bad back.)  In that case I can see a cork floor working well – with a retired couple or an unmarried person who’s not planning on having kids in the near future.

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Tips About Vinyl Flooring

Don Vandervort’s Home Tips has a great discuss filled with recommendations for dealing with vinyl flooring.

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