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Energy Star

If you want to save money buying energy efficient appliances, you EnergyStar.gov sells all sorts of appliances including washers, dehumidifiers, and dishwashers.

Examples of ENERGY STAR Qualified Clothes Washers


Energy Efficient Appliances

BuyEnergyEfficient.org sells energy efficient appliances. The benefits of buying these are that you will have a lower electric bill if you use them, of course, because you will be using less electricity to do the same job.

R3800 3.5 cu. ft. (100 liters) Refridgerator


Buying Energy Efficient Appliances

Consumerenergycenter.org has a section on energy efficient appliances. They give tips on buying dishwashers, microwaves, stoves, and other appliances.


Reduce Air Conditioner useage

With weather getting warmer, most people will start running their air conditioner within the next 2 months. Using the air conditioner accounts for 5% of the electricity produced each year. You can reduce the energy consumed by the air conditioner by reading this handy guide. It will reduce the electric bill during the summer, and it will also help the environment.


Solar Oven

You can build your own solar oven with Path to Freedom’s guide. The solar oven uses only the sun’s power, so if it’s a sunny day and you don’t want to cook inside, its a good free alternative. You can build it yourself, it’s not something you buy for a few hundred dollars.


25 Tips to Conserve Energy

Here are 25 tips to conserve energy. They can help you save tons of money on energy bills.


Appliance Parts

If you have a kitchen appliance that needs repairs, repairclinic.com can replace a part for you. You will need to have a model number on the appliance, and if you have that it will be simple to get a repair.


Dwyer Kitchens

Dwyer Kitchens sells appliances for the kitchen. They have a unit called the Temp Kitchen with an oven, dishwasher, sink and microwave for all purpose simple cooking.

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Sharp Home Appliances

Sharp Home Appliances sells anything from Air Conditioners to Microwaves. They also have a few things you wouldn’t expect, like a Microwave Drawer.

Microwave Drawer<sup>®</sup> Oven

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Conserve energy with appliances

This website shows how to know which appliances conserve the most energy. The graph compares the average amount of energy different appliances use.

Bar chart showing the appliance use of common home appliances in cost per year and kWh per year: electric blanket: <$42, <500kWh, TV: <$42, <500kWh, microwave oven: <$42, <500kWh, dehumidifier: <$42, <500kWh, well pump: <$42, <500kWh, home computer: $42-$83, 500-1000kWh, aquarium/terrarium: $42-$83, 500-1000kWh, dishwasher: $42-$83, 500-1000kWh, electric cooking: $42-$83, 500-1000kWh, freezer: $42-$83, 500-1000kWh, waterbed heater: $42-$83, 500-1000kWh, clothes dryer: $42-$83, 500-1000kWh, washing machine: $42-$83, 500-1000kWh, refrigerator: $83-$125, 1000-1500kWh, pool pump: $83-$125, 1000-1500kWh, spa (pump and heater): $166-$208, 2000-2500kWh.

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