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Installing Cabinets

If you want to install your cabinets yourself, Askthebuilder.com has a column explaining cabinet installation.

These cabinets are perfectly level side to side and front to back. That’s mission critical when natural stone tops will rest on them. PHOTO CREDIT:  Tim Carter


Cabinets By Graber

If you need custom cabinets, this is the website to visit. They will send a representative to measure the area you want the cabinet to be, and they will use the information you give them to make a cabinet specifically for you.




justcabinets.com sells, you guessed it, cabinets. They actually don’t just sell cabinets. They also sell furniture and TVs. You can buy cabinets or furniture for different rooms.


Cabinet Ideas

If you are looking for cabinet ideas, you can find some possibilities at Home Portfolio. They have ideas for your kitchen, and the cabinets are grouped in a few categories.


Fashion Cabinets

Fashion Cabinets, inc. has custom cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom there are different finishes, doors, and interiors for whatever you need.


Asian-Inspired Kitchen Cabinets

Greentea Design has some plans for renovating your kitchen cabinets. The designs are Asian. It is meant for renovating the entire kitchen, but has prices for individual cabinets.

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Cardell Cabinetry

Cardell Cabinetry sells cabinet designs. It can give you ideas for cabinets.Roomy drawers


White Cabinets are Less Expensive, Yet They Can Create a Chic Look

I want to point out this photo by Richard Perry of the New York Times.  It’s from an article about the renovation on the top floor of a townhouse in Harlem.  Don’t let it scare you that the renovation in the photo cost oodles of money (he renovated the whole flat, plus the outdoor area). 

My point in showing you this photo is how exquisite white cabinets can look.  Yet they can be the least expensive to buy.  You can take ideas like this and use part of them in your renovation projects.  What I like in the design below is the simplicity of it – it’s very elegant! 

Even a person on a budget could pull off a simple, chic look.  Take white…  add one other color for the floor and backsplash (and possibly the countertop) – in the photo the other color is brown…  and you have a timeless look.  No matter how styles change, the kitchen in the photo below won’t look outdated.


Custom Cabinets

Hello. I need to start posting more.  Today’s post is about custom cabinets. I recently came to a website that shows how to buy custom made cabinets. The advantage of a custom cabinet is that, unlike a cabinet that you buy in a store, it is designed for you specifically, and it will fit your room as well as you want it to. The bad thing is they’re more expensive. Anyway, here’s the website with the information. They have an example of a custom cabinet, also:

Custom Cabinets with Leather Inserts by JWP Incorporated.


Brastilo Cabinets

Here are some excellent photos of Brastilo cabinets.

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