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If you need help with landscaping your lawn, visit Leisure Landscapes. They can provide tips on landscaping and improving the exterior of your house.

How to Landscape to Lower Energy Bills

Some people can increase the energy efficiency of their home through landscaping. You can carefully position your trees to lower the impacts of the sun on your house in the summer, lower the effect of the wind on your house in the winter, and decrease noise and light pollution.



Clearwater Landscapes

Clearwater Landscapes can help you design your yards and gardens. There are plenty of ideas, so you should find something that you want.


How To Install Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

If you’re like us, you tend to forget to regularly water your lawn, until you wake up one day to find it’s turned brown in July!

The answer, of course, is an automatic lawn sprinkler system.

Here’s a site that features an incredible bonanza of information and tutorials about how to install automatic irrigation systems.

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