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Installing Cabinets

If you want to install your cabinets yourself, Askthebuilder.com has a column explaining cabinet installation.

These cabinets are perfectly level side to side and front to back. That’s mission critical when natural stone tops will rest on them. PHOTO CREDIT:  Tim Carter


The Importance of Energy Efficiency

The embedded video below shows some of the importance of becoming more energy efficient.


Tips for renovating your bathroom

Diystuff.com has tips for renovating your bathroom. These tips will lower the costs that it takes to do the job.


Energy Star

If you want to save money buying energy efficient appliances, you EnergyStar.gov sells all sorts of appliances including washers, dehumidifiers, and dishwashers.

Examples of ENERGY STAR Qualified Clothes Washers


Swimming Pool Products

If you have a pool, and you need (or want) a part or accessory, you can find them  at SPP. You can also buy your pools there.



If you need help with landscaping your lawn, visit Leisure Landscapes. They can provide tips on landscaping and improving the exterior of your house.

Air Quality

If you don’t know how important the air quality of your house is, read this. It will give you some tips to improve your indoor air quality and show why it’s important.


Home Care Maintenance

Home Care Maintenance Services can care for your home. They will make necessary repairs or fix problems before you have to worry about them.


Cheng Concrete Countertops

If you need countertops for your home, Cheng Concrete Countertops can be your solution. If you need to, you can build it yourself.

Concrete countertops for homeowners and designers

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Bathroom Remodeling

If you need to remodel your bathroom, this service can help you. You can chose what you want to change and how much work has already been done.


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