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Energy Efficient Appliances

BuyEnergyEfficient.org sells energy efficient appliances. The benefits of buying these are that you will have a lower electric bill if you use them, of course, because you will be using less electricity to do the same job.

R3800 3.5 cu. ft. (100 liters) Refridgerator


Swimming Pool Supplies and Accessories

At poolproductsforless.com, you can buy swimming pool necessities and accessories. There are a lot of different tools including lights, lounges, motors, pumps, etc…


How to Landscape to Lower Energy Bills

Some people can increase the energy efficiency of their home through landscaping. You can carefully position your trees to lower the impacts of the sun on your house in the summer, lower the effect of the wind on your house in the winter, and decrease noise and light pollution.



5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

WebMD has an article on  improving indoor air quality. Having good air quality can help increase the healthiness of people with Asthma, and also help prevent some diseases that arise from bad quality.


Maintaining Your Home

Bobvila.com ran an article giving a checklist on home maintenance. For example, if you added up all of the little cracks in windows and doors. They add up to an open window.


Factory Plaza Countertops

factoryplaza.com sells countertops for the kitchen and bathroom. They sell granite countertops and steel sinks for your home.


22 Bathroom Storage Ideas

Better Homes and Gardens ran an article on tips for increasing storage space in your bathroom. It gives you 22 ideas that will increase your storage space.



justcabinets.com sells, you guessed it, cabinets. They actually don’t just sell cabinets. They also sell furniture and TVs. You can buy cabinets or furniture for different rooms.


Solar Power at Home

You can find out information about solar power at solarpowerathome.com. They show the advantages and disadvantages , how it works, and solar powered boats, laptops, and more.

solar panel black


25 Common Mistakes

I’ve found a list of the 25 most common mistakes made when renovating your home. These are the biggest mistakes people can make.


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