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Granite Tiles for Your Kitchen Countertops

Here’s an article from Reader’s Digest that discusses a how to install granite tile countertops in your kitchen. They’re a much cheaper alternative to stone.

But if you choose to go that route, beware that you’ll have to work a little harder to keep the grout between the tiles clean!

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Ideas for Kitchens

Merillat has some helpful layouts of different types of kitchen work triangles.

They divide they possibilities into Corridors, Pennisulas and L-Shaped types.

It’s great to see the different choices diagrammed!

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Blanco Kitchen Sinks

If you’re interested in Blanco Kitchen sinks, you can find a bunch of photos of them here.

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Everything about Kitchens

Kitchens.com is a great resource for everything about kitchens.

How to design them, photos of great looking kitchens, kitchen products – it’s all there!


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